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Are you planning to have a website for your business? It’s a very good marketing strategy but before you have a website there are many more doubts or questions that may be coming to your mind such as how to build a website? Where you should build websites? How much does it cost to build a website?

One of the most common questions is always being asked in the web design industry, what is the actual price to build a website? But the answer is not as much as simple. There are lots of factors are involved such as it depends on the website’s design and functionality and also varies from agency to agency.

Basically, your website will be cost-based on your requirements. If you focus on just cheap website builders or freelancers may be the best choice for you as they charge the lowest prices. According to market studies, cheap website design has many issues; therefore most businesses go with a top-rated web design agency to build an outstanding website for their business.

If you have no idea about website building or are not familiar with the website design industry. So, you are landed on the right page, we will let you cover each step in order to have an attractive website and guide you through a blueprint of the website design cost if you hire an agency.

Decide the Type of Website

Before you start building your website, deciding the type of website you need for your business is the most important task. We have classified website design based on business size and objectives like –

  1. a) Small, medium enterprise website
  2. b) Large scale business website
  3. c) E-commerce website

Indeed, this is not for all types of websites, there have so many others. But reading this probably you have got something to understand what type of website you require for your websites.

1. Getting a Domain Name

Basically, a domain is the address of your website which helps users to access your website easily. The first priority is to have a domain name for your business website. There are lots of agencies offering domain names throughout Australia, but the basic price of a single domain starts at $10, and also you need to renew your domain subscription every year.

Besides the domain name, it requires you to have an SSL certificate to protect your website. For instance, if you have an e-commerce website then it may have lots of private information such as credit card details, username, passwords, and so on, then an SSL certificate is a must for your business. You may get a free SSL certificate or paid version, it varies from agency to agency.

2. Selecting Web Host

Only a domain name is not enough to run a website on the internet browser. Web hosting is an online service that offers space to create and maintain a site and publish on the internet. You also need to rent some space for your website to access it on the World Wide Web. The web hosting packages are decided based on your storage requirements, but your starting web hosting cost may be around $35 per month.

Once you will hire an agency, they will help you to choose the right web hosting packages for your website.

3. Custom Design Template

The maximum website design agency offers the free version of a simple template. If your website is with a few pages, then you will not charge a single amount for the custom template but if you want more then probably your agency may change based on your requirements.

4. Basic SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that helps your website to improve its ranking on search results pages like Google, Yahoo, etc. If you are looking to have a strong online presence on the search result page in order to drive more traffic, leads and sales then you need effective SEO services for your business, which naturally will be charged based on your packages, but some agencies offer SEO packages starting at $99.

Regardless of that, if you want to just simply appear your website on the Google search results pages, then these basic SEO services have been provided by maximum web design agencies at no cost.

5. Ongoing Maintenance

Whether you build a regular website or an e-commerce website, each website requires some maintenance to keep up to date. Basically, most website design agency offers free maintenance unless they need some big changes or installation due to technical requirements.

6. Final Website Design Cost

Hope you understood your website requirements and the budget to build a website. Here we will give you an estimated web design budget inclusive of all the aspects.

– Small, medium enterprise website – $1000 to $3000

– Large scale business website – $2000 to $5000

– e-commerce website – $3000 to $10000

Again, this amount can vary from agency to agency, if you want more specific about your website design then talk to our website design experts today.

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