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Despite being a vital component of any home-owning process, construction documentation is frequently incomplete and misunderstood. The significance, relevance, practical application, and meaning of various credentials will be discussed in this article. Occupancy Certificate (OC), Possession Certificate (PC), and related documents are among these certificates.

What is an Occupancy Certificate?

When the buyer is ready to move in, the certificate of occupancy in NSW is given to them. The government has given all domestic guidelines, such as power, water, and drainage connections because the property passed the regulations during the completion certificate inspection. The structure’s material complies with the country’s ISO code, according to the completion certificate. Utility connections cannot be made unless a completion certificate is present.

Possession without a valid OC certificate is illegal. You may be asked to leave the property. Individuals that live in the estate are also subject to severe penalties, as they are unable to legitimately sell the property to others. Furthermore, you are not permitted to stay in the property before the OC, even for a day or two.

It is always recommended not to proceed with property purchases and sales unless the seller can provide OC and CC.

  • Who is eligible to apply?

The Final Occupation Certificate in NSW must be obtained by the builder. The same must be made available to the purchasers. The owner can also apply for the same if the necessary paperwork is presented.

What is a Possession Certificate?

The seller (builder or previous occupants) issues a possession certificate, which details the date and manner in which the property was handed over to the buyers. It is delivered once all legal requirements and payments have been completed under the terms agreed upon by both parties.

It is necessary to move into and use the property. This certificate by itself does not guarantee ownership of the property. It must be accompanied by an occupancy certificate. It is issued within seven days of receipt of the application.

A possession certificate does not imply that the structure was constructed in accordance with construction codes and rules. Neither of the established relationships is legal. As a result, the possession certificate is nothing more than a piece of paper without an occupancy certificate. You have an unauthorised property in this situation. You could be evicted from your home at any time. There’s also a chance you’ve been cheated or are being deceived.

  • Who is eligible to apply?

The buyer must receive the certificate from the seller in question.

What Importance do these certificates have?

Let us now try to comprehend why these credentials are so significant when purchasing a home.

  1. They are regarded as authorization and power to occupy a building on paper. Occupying a property without these certifications is illegal, and the authority or municipal body may order you to leave in the future.
  2. For residential loans, a CC/OC may be necessary to collect income tax benefits. Along with the house loan statement, CC/OC may be requested.
  3. These certificates are required to obtain water and power connections from the local municipality, among other things.
  4. Only if you have these credentials can you get a home loan.
  5. These certifications are required to obtain water, electricity, and other municipal services.
  6. Only if you have these credentials may you get a house loan.
  7. Selling a home without these credentials might be extremely difficult and costly in the future

What is the difference between an Occupancy Certificate and a Possession Certificate?

The possession certificate specifies the date on which the property was granted possession. However, it does not give you ownership of the property. The Occupancy Certificate, on the other hand, verifies that the structure is legal to occupy. With a fully-functional utility connection, OC gives you control over the property.


We tend to overlook some documents/certificates in the excitement of purchasing a new home. However, our lives and hard-earned money will be jeopardised over time. People strive to manipulate you in today’s environment, making you believe a variety of things. It is sufficient to have approved possession if the property is just registered in your name.

People were asked to leave since the location was not allowed. There have also been instances where customers have been duped into purchasing a property without an occupancy certificate.

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