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The most precious thing in life is life itself. This is what makes showing care towards it very crucial. We deal with risks and hazards all the time, but for some people it stays always high. Those who work in bio labs and chemical labs always stand face-to-face with hazards. Using proper spill kits and PPEs at these places proves vital. These equipment reduce the damage to a considerable level. But sometimes there comes a novel situation when we think if to use a spill kit or not. Usage of drums and their spillage is one. Not many do use proper Drum spill pallet Australia. But what if these drums contain hazardous chemicals? Here, says Spill Station, chemical spill pallet (Australia) becomes a necessity. But what are these pallets? And what all should one use alongside it?

What is a drum spill pallet?

While dealing with the storage and transport of hazmat materials, it becomes necessary to practice proper care. When a drum stores some chemicals and other hazardous substances, the risk of its spread increases. There could form ruptures, the drum could spill, or it could leak. This leads to the spreading of contamination. The Australian laws require the companies, workshops, labs, and groups dealing in hazmat materials to follow proper safety guidelines.

This risk of spillage calls for a solution, and this solution arrives in the form of a drum spill pallet. These pallets are like big ice trays upon which the drum stays. But they have a cover at their top with space for liquid to drain down and get collected. If anything leaks from it, it gets stored into that pallet. Some pallets even hold drainage holes at the bottom. Proper disposal is necessary. Always buy the pallets that have been approved by the guiding authorities.

These pallets work like the very first line of defense. It works as a preventive measure. If the spillage has already happened then there are other guidelines to follow. Proper PPEs and spill kits must be used in the place to contain the hazardous spillage.

How to use a spill pallet?

These pallets come in different sizes and capacities. Know the drum capacity you are dealing with and buy the right fit for yourself. Apart from it, it becomes unnecessary to handle those drums. This necessity calls for several other equipment to be used to handle the storage and transportation of these drums. These other equipment are:

  • Spill Containment Pallet.
  • Spill Pallet Ramps.
  • A material handling machine.
  • Other PPEs to use while handling hazardous drums.

Now it comes to when not to use a drum spill pallet (Australia). Well, if you do not deal in any hazardous chemicals then you can avoid it. Otherwise it is best advised to use a spill pallet. This will save you the trouble of dealing with spills and other humanly injuries. You would not want to value a pallet over someone’s life.

According to Spill Station, chemical spill pallet Australia should always be handled with care having minimal contact. Use a material handler to transport the drum and the pallet. Usage of approved protective gloves, overalls, goggles, shoe covers, respiratory masks is always advisable. If you are dealing with oil, its fumes may get into your lungs and cause severe damage.