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When manufacturing or packaging products in the food, beverage or pharmaceutical industry, you should know about the potential health risks when compressed air accidentally makes contact with your product.

Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry

When compressed air is used in the manufacturing process and comes in contact with the product, it is vital to use 100% oil-free air (Class 0). You can use oil-injected air in applications where compressed air is not in direct contact with the product. You can select food-grade compressor oils from trusted brand Cargo Oil in Australia. A compressor oil adhering to the safe food regulations and is NSF registered is the perfect choice where the compressed air might accidentally make contact with the product.

FG Compressor Oil HT

FG Compressor Oil HT is based on sternly polished synthetic oils that provide superior corrosion shield and shear firmness. Some of its characteristics are – it safeguards against corrosion, has low oil intake, and is gentle to gaskets and seals. It is used in the food processing industry, stationary compressors, mobile compressors and pistons, and screw and lamellar compressors.

Synthetic Vacuum Oil

Synthetic Vacuum Oil is based on synthetic fluids and provides reliable rust prevention and good shear firmness. Perfect for use in stationary, mobile compressors, vacuum pumps and the food industry. Characteristics include good shear stability, oxidation stability, compatibility with seals and gaskets, and low oil consumption.

Fridgo NH

Fridgo NH is based on synthetic PAO oils, rendering balanced solubility and the capability to separate water and gases. Its characteristics include:

  • Brilliant water separation.
  • Exceptional oil and gas separation.
  • Compatibility with all seal elastomers used in refrigeration compressors.

It is used in food processing, R22 and R502 refrigeration compressors, and ammonia refrigeration compressors.

FG Synthetic Compressor Oil

FG Synthetic Compressor Oil is based on synthetic PAO oils, rendering the ultimate corrosion safeguard and shear stability. Some of its characteristics include low oil consumption, non-aggressive to seals and gaskets, and rust prevention and control. It is used in the food processing industry, stationary and mobile compressors, pistons, screws and lamellar compressors.

Stay Away from Product Contamination

Food-grade approved lubricants are meant to safeguard and enhance your critical assets. Use NSF-certified H1 lubricants to remove the contamination risk in food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. Cargo Oil’s food-grade lubricants are H1 registered. H1 registered compounds are appropriate for incidental, technically inevitable contact with a food product of up to 10ppm. Using NSF H1 registered lubricants facilities removes potential contamination in facilities where food and beverage handling occurs.

Unsafe substances in and around food and beverage applications can harm public health. Thus, selecting a quality H1 lubricant product will shield your product quality at every stage, lowering contamination risk in your entire production and logistic process and ensuring the longevity and performance of your equipment throughout its life.