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Anyone who plays in online casinos on the internet will have probably already noticed. The providers lure with bonuses, such as free games or bonus money. New customers in particular are reached in this way and receive these bonuses when they register for the first time. The question that inevitably arises is whether it is actually worth taking advantage of these bonuses or whether it is better to do without them. The following explains why it sometimes makes sense to do without the great-sounding offers.

What are casino bonuses?

As mentioned earlier, casino operators often employ a strategic approach of offering bonuses to their customers, aiming to showcase the appeal of their online gambling establishments and stand out in a crowded market. Given the multitude of virtual casinos available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task for customers.

In this context, offers such as free spins at StayCasino can play a crucial role in simplifying the selection process. These bonuses not only provide players with added value but also serve as an enticing factor when deciding where to gamble online. This mutually beneficial arrangement creates a win-win scenario: operators gain new customers, and these new customers, in turn, enjoy the perks of free spins or bonus money.

Different bonuses

When you register as a new customer at an online casino, there are usually different options and thus also different conditions under which you receive a bonus. You can choose between two variants when registering: On the one hand, you can register and make a deposit directly. On the other hand, you can register without making a direct deposit, i.e. without paying an amount of your own money directly into your account at the online casino.

These two options also give you two different bonus options. If you decide not to make a deposit, you will usually receive free spins from the casino. You can then use a certain number of spins on certain slot machines, using the casino’s money, because you have not yet deposited your own money. However, if you decide to deposit some of your own money directly, you will usually receive a bonus payment from the gaming house as a reward.

The online casino adds an amount X to your deposited sum up to a maximum amount, which you can then play with. In both cases you get money as a gift, so the question naturally arises as to why you should refuse such an offer.

Terms and conditions of the bonuses

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Simply getting money as a gift would be too good to be true. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple with online gambling houses either. You do indeed get the bonuses and thus the money, but these are always linked to certain conditions. This may sound unfair at first, but of course you must not forget that it is money that has been given to you. So frustration about conditions should be kept within bounds.

One such condition could be, for example, that the maximum amount of winnings is regulated. So if you make a profit with the bonus money, it may be that you can only withdraw a smaller sum, no matter how much higher the profit actually is.

Another condition may be that you have to make a minimum turnover and wager the proceeds several times before you can withdraw them.

If you have to wager the bonus often, it is quite possible that you will get a little less of the winnings or even go completely empty-handed. In addition, the bonuses are often tied to a minimum stake or a minimum deposit. So you get money as a gift from the online casino through these bonuses, but you should not expect the jackpot or payouts in the millions.

When should you forgo a bonus?

The different types of bonuses have already been explained and also that they are always conditional. Nevertheless, it is still money that is given away. So when exactly should you give it up?

A bonus that is linked to a turnover condition, i.e. that you as a player have to make a certain turnover through the games as mentioned above, is not worthwhile for many. For gamers who only play a round now and then or for those who don’t throw big money around, it is usually difficult to reach the minimum turnover, so that you can’t cash out the proceeds and ultimately get nothing from the bonus. A next point is the minimum deposits: If you actually only want to deposit amount X, but the bonus requires a higher deposit, you should not be tempted by this and deposit more than desired.

In the end, the bonuses are linked to further conditions, such as withdrawal only after a certain number of games, for example, which will only make you angry in the end that you have deposited more than you wanted. You should not only pay attention to the amount you have to deposit for such a bonus, but also to the conditions of the payment method.

You can now use many different payment methods in online casinos, from credit cards to credit cards to cryptocurrency, and the bonuses are sometimes tied to certain payment methods. If you don’t actually want to use them, you should skip the promotion and use the payment method you actually want.

How do you turn down a bonus?

Normally, online casinos are quite quick and deposit the no deposit bonus directly into the customer account after registration. However, the bonus can still be easily deactivated in the menu or via customer service. In the case of a deposit bonus, you should simply make sure not to click on any field that says something about a bonus when making a deposit.

An alternative would also be to basically bet on no bonus online casinos, these do not offer any great-sounding promotions when registering, but you still do not go empty-handed. In such online gambling houses, you can get a cashback instead of a bonus, for example, as is known from supermarkets.

So there is no bonus in advance, which you only get through various conditions, but you get a small amount back from the stake when playing, which you can then use again. Such promotions are a small reward and an incentive for players to play off the norm in no-bonus online casinos.


casino bonus

In conclusion, the decision of whether to accept or forgo a casino bonus in the world of online gambling is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. These bonuses are enticing offers provided by casino operators to attract and reward players. However, they come with conditions and terms that can affect your overall gaming experience.

It’s crucial to assess your gaming style and preferences when determining when to decline a bonus. For players who engage in occasional gaming or prefer not to wager large sums, bonuses with turnover conditions may not be worthwhile. Meeting the minimum turnover requirements can be challenging, leading to potential frustration and no withdrawal of winnings.

Additionally, consider the minimum deposit requirements associated with bonuses. If a bonus necessitates a higher deposit than what you initially intended to spend, it may be best to bypass the offer.

Payment methods should also be a consideration. Some bonuses may be linked to specific payment methods you may not intend to use. In such cases, opting for a bonus-free experience and selecting your preferred payment method could be a more suitable choice.

Ultimately, the decision to decline a bonus can be easily managed within the casino’s interface or by avoiding bonus-related prompts during the deposit process. Some players may even prefer casinos that offer cashback or other incentives rather than traditional bonuses, as they provide a more straightforward and immediate benefit.

In the world of online gambling, making an informed decision regarding bonuses ensures that your gaming experience aligns with your preferences and gaming style, ultimately enhancing your enjoyment of casino games.