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It would be quite tough to find someone who does not celebrate the festivals. If you want to create a strong bond with society members, you should celebrate the festivals. A festival represents the culture of a country. Festivals can easily bring smiles on our face.

Here are the reasons to discuss the importance of festivals in modern era:

You can grab leaves

Festivals are the best reasons to grab holidays from work. You can have a time to relax, too. You can arrange the holidays the way you will have holidays before the festival to plan some trips with family or friends and after some days after the festival to relax and have rest.

You can arrange a get-together

Festivals have a power to bring your friends and family together. Most of the family members and friends prefer to celebrate festivals together. However, you can have a chance to know your distance family members during festivals. You can stay more close to your friends even. So it is the best chance to catch up with your friends and families. Festivals are a blessing for us to make us feel connected with many people and make us realize that we are not alone in our life.

You can shop more

Most of the people prefer shopping in festival days only. It is a great time to buy clothes and accessories. The new arrivals and collection of clothes will be there in shopping malls during festival days. You can buy the clothes and stuffs at discounted prices, too. It is a top-notch situation for us. You will have more time for shopping during festival days even.

You will be surrounded by pleasant environment

You can have innovative environment during festival days. You can see the lights, and decorations in streets and markets. You can decorate your home with the lights and chandlers, etc. You can renovate your home before festival days. You can throw festive parties or you can go to enjoy parties and functions, too. All the people you will see will be having smiling faces and in a good mood. You can make yourself surrounded by cheerful people. You can be enriched with great zeal and enthusiasm.

You can have more and more happiness

Naturally, you will be happy due to pleasant environment and cheerful people around. Of course, you will buy new clothes, sweets and will be able to meet friends and families. You can spare more time with yourself as you will be able to stay home by taking holidays.

Undoubtedly, festivals enrich us with great zeal and enthusiasm. Festival celebration is one of the ways to cherish our tradition and culture.