by Daniel Clark

You are planning to propose the love of your life and looking for the most precious engagement ring that describes your love and your partner, the best. You look at the princess-cut, double band, 2-carat diamond ring but it is what everyone wears. Take a break from traditional engagement rings. You can choose from the collection of coloured gemstone engagement rings to make a mark. Not everything has to be cliched. Just pick something special for your partner.  Give your partner a breath of fresh air with coloured gemstone engagement rings, show them that they are different from everyone else. Before selecting any Gemstone jewellery in Australia, it is important to consider the gem’s hardness and wearability, clarity and durability, and optical performance.

Fun fact about gemstone engagement rings:

  • A gemstone engagement ring can be of solitaire, holos, sapphire, emerald, ruby, opal, etc.
  • If you are concerned about their durability, they last generations.
  • Modern brides are now preferring engagement rings based on their birthstones and are now a distinct trend for the use of coloured gemstones for such occasions.
  • Even famous personalities and celebrities have received a gemstone engagement ring including Napoleon Bonapart’s ring to Josephine (which was a sapphire and diamond ring), Kate Middleton’s (Duchess of Cambridge) ring that once belonged to Princess Diana is a 12 ct sapphire encircled with diamonds.

There are many examples, and gemstone is one of the most popular choices to propose. This article goes on to provide several tips to select an engagement from the jewellery shops in Australia.

Before selecting a gemstone engagement rings, follow these tips:

  • Aquamarine is a precious, beautiful, and colourful stone for engagement rings that reflects wisdom and intellect.
  • Sapphire, a popular option reflects trust and gives a calm feeling. It is believed to improve self-discipline and also help materialise any goals.
  •  Moonstone Jewellery in Australia, like a moonstone ring, is quite popular.
  • Emerald, for centuries, has held a very important place. It is considered a symbol of hope, future growth, and renewal.
  • Opal is a popular gemstone, as it reflects all colours. Beliefs suggested that it contains the power of all stone and acts as an amulet for problems pertaining to sight from an anatomical and spiritual perspective. It is also believed to stimulate the joy of living and help view one’s life in a more colourful manner. Opal makes one more emotional, seductive and also strengthens the sexual energy.
  • Amethyst is a passionate violet colour gemstone that is available in gorgeous shades and is a symbol of thoughtful choice.
  • Picking an engagement ring does not have to be an ordeal with the need to make a checklist for the right cut, colour, and stone. Picking one with a gemstone that matches your birthstone makes it simpler to select. This is a good option for those who do not wish to select a diamond one. For example, the gemstone for the month of January is Garnet.
  • Topaz symbolises wealth and royalty and is usually quite big too.
  • Ruby is the red corundum that is very popular since it makes a bold statement. This is one of the hardest and most durable ones that are available in several shades, however, the ‘pigeon blood red’ ruby is the most popular shade. This is a rare gemstone that is associated with love and the heart thus, it is optimal for an engagement ring.

From topaz to tourmaline, in Australia, gemstone engagement rings are popular and preferred by many young and modern couples. It is available in different colours, shapes and doesn’t burn a hole in a pocket.  This is one ring that has character and will stand out too. What are you waiting for? Go ahead.