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A good hair day is what we all crave, but a receding hairline is what many have. Both men and women are the victims of hair loss, which affects them in several ways. In men, it can start any time after the end of puberty. In fact, many have a visible change in their hairline before they reach 30. That is when the hairline moves backwards throughout the head. It can be distressing and affect the self-esteem of the person. Luckily, treatments for hair loss are available. Yet, before that, it is essential for you to know about what’s making your hair fall. In this blog, let’s learn about the causes and conditions for receding hairline among men.

How does Hair receding take place? 

A person has nearly 1,00,000 hairs growing from follicles under the skin surface. When a hair strand falls out, a new one takes its place automatically. It is normal to lose numerous hairs each day, but if there is damage in your hair follicles, or for some medical reason, you can witness depleting hairline.

What has led to your hair receding? 

We can never stop thanking technology for simplifying our lives. Owing to that, no matter if you are in Sydney or Melbourne, hair loss treatment today is a click away. However, before you proceed, take a look at the potential causes.

  • Hereditary

Male pattern baldness, also called androgenic alopecia, is also caused due to a genetic sensitivity towards DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. If you remember your father shedding his hairline too early, the possibilities are that you are losing your hair because of that. The hair loss of this kind is more gradual and evident.

  • Medicine or Disease

A receding hairline in men can happen due to some disease or medications. If you want to go ahead with hair loss treatment, do not forget to present your medical history to the service providers. Before you can begin with the treatment, it is necessary to analyse the root cause.

  • Use of Wrong Hair Products

Hair products have to provide care to the hair, but some of them can lead to blockage in the hair follicles. That can affect hair growth and lead to a receding hairline eventually. These care products, including shampoos and conditioners, are presumed to have sulphate. As a result, it can expose damage to your hair follicles and affect hair growth.

  • Diet

From weight gain to hair loss, diet plays a paramount role everywhere. If you do not consume right, your body will direct all the nutrients you get to the vital organs instead of hair follicles. That is what you can picturise as one of the reasons for your hair loss.

  • Lifestyle

The way you deal and perform daily activities can influence your health in many ways, and hair is one of them. Though a perception, factors such as stress, exercise, and alcohol consumption can also diminish hairline.

How to get your hair back? 

Now that you have learned about the possible causes of hair loss, you need to identify which one of them is affecting you. Only after that, you can go ahead with hair loss treatment. However, before that, you need to check on factors such as diet and lifestyle. You must make a nutritious diet a must-have in your timetable. Get off the dilly dally life schedule, and do not forget to seek help from professionals.

Wrapping Up

Hair fall is the state of double-distress! First of all, it hampers the hair of the person and it can also develop esteem issues for an individual. The reasons for the same can include lifestyle, diet, use of wrong hair products, and even medicinal effects. In addition to these, depleting hairlines can be hereditary too. Whatever the cause it be, once you figure out that your hairline is receding, you should go ahead and seek help. From Sydney to Melbourne, hair loss treatments are available at a distance of a click. Now let the cause of your hair fall get off instead of the hair follicles.