by bettina

Hey pet lovers! Here’s good news for you. The hotel industry is booming with pet-friendly accommodations with this new trend where you can carry your pets along with you. Get ready for an amazing stay with your pets at  Blairgowrie accommodation. 

We all know that people spend a lot on their pets and that makes it obvious that they will like it in the pet-friendly accommodation in Mornington peninsula

Let’s understand why hoteliers should care about pet hospitality! 

The Pet industry hit around $66 billion around the year 2016. If you simply offer pet-friendly stays to your customers, they will be convinced to book hotels at your hotel definitely. Most tourists are increasingly seeking out pet-friendly accommodations because of their pets. This is why many hotels are going the extra mile to make sure that furriest travellers are comfy. 

There are many pet-friendly services that are offered at hotels like water bowls, food dishes, outdoor play areas, dog runs and so much more. 

Pet-friendly services are offered at pet-friendly accommodation in the Mornington peninsula. There are room menus that are tailored as per the pets that you’re carrying.  While there are a lot of advantages for pet owners to visit a pet-friendly accommodation there are many benefits for the Hotel as well. 

The foremost advantage is that you can charge a fee for the guests. Depending on the services we offer a standard room or go for a premium price and if you decide to offer a cuisine you can add wall prices to it. Tourists may choose to book a hotel on a website and then select the services before the check-in. Offering pet-friendly services will let you stand out from your competitors. 

Another important advantage of offering pet-friendly accommodations is that you’re welcoming in terms of pets. When a pet owner comes to know that you are going to receive a pet at your property it will increase the likelihood of them booking again and again with you. Travelling with pets involves extra packaging and the gas will need to be remembered. If you are the one who is thinking of taking your pet along, you must meet all the needs of your pets. This is why pet-friendly accommodations are suggested to the ones who try to carry the pets along.

The bottom line is that having pet-friendly accommodation is all about initiating a great experience for your guest. A pet-friendly Hotel will inspire pet owners and they will have stories to decide with their stay and they can also generate referrals for the other tourists. 

After all, pets are family. This is one of the best experiences that money can buy. If your accommodation is pet friendly, make sure that you know how to display pet-centric information and all the policies properly on a website.