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Both plastic and glass are used in the packaging process of products. But plastic is the most preferred material for packaging because it offers many advantages. Many people still believe that glass is better than plastic because it is environment-friendly, but it is not entirely true as plastic can be recyclable. Plastic bottles with caps can store a range of products starting from food & beverages, cooking oil, engine oil, and many other things. With glass, you only get limited options. Glass and Plastic are both recyclable, but glass can be recycled and turned into glass, so it limits the option, whereas plastic can be recycled into so many things.

The disadvantage of glass packaging

Glass in the market can store oils, spices, and so on, but when it comes to varieties of packaging, glass has its drawbacks. Some of the drawbacks of glass packaging are

  • Weight

Glass is five times heavier than plastic which means the transportation of packaged goods won’t be easy. Glass is heavier for the consumer as well.

  • Fragile

Glass is fragile compared to plastic, and everyone knows it. If you drop it by mistake, then the glass will shatter, which can be harmful. Apart from that, glass material is slippery compared to plastic.

  • Unsafe

The growth of harmful bacteria on the glass surface is higher compared to plastic. That makes it unsafe to store food, and also, it can be dangerous when it shatters into pieces.

Advantages of plastic packaging

Unlike glass, plastic is a safer choice when it comes to packaging. Plastic Bottle Packaging with caps is the best choice for storing liquid. Apart from that, there are other advantages of plastic bottles such as

Extra storage

The plastic materials are thin that makes big space for storing the product. The thin shape doesn’t make it weak or anything. Due to this thin size, the number of trips is reduced, and the vehicle will emit less carbon into the air. Plastic containers allow you to buy in bulk; in this way, you can save your money and get discounts as well.

Absorption of flavours

When you store any food item in plastic, it absorbs the smells into it. This means the foods like tomato and curry can be stored without spreading odour throughout the whole fridge.  Plastic doesn’t allow harmful bacteria to grow on it. And it doesn’t let the food react with oxygen or any type of chemical. Plastic also preserves the food items long time. Plastic bottles with caps are sealed away in such a way that the product will stay safe.


If you have a company, then plastic packaging would be the best way for branding. You can design your own packaging and display the company name of the product, and in this way, you can stand out from your competitors. Plastic is easier to print, and it can promote your brand as well. There are many types of designs and colour combinations you can use on the packaging to lure your customers.


Before, plastic was a big concern for the environment, and that is why people were choosing glass over plastic, but with time and advancement of technology the plastic can be recyclable, so it is not a threat to the environment. Plastic materials can be used so many times for a variety of purposes.  The recycling of glass has declined over the years, while the recycling of plastic has increased rapidly. The recycling of plastic has gained huge popularity since the 90s.

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