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Just like how fashion trends change every now and then, hat styles have been evolving since a very long time. From beanies, baseball caps, sun hats, to fedoras, women’s visor hats, and cowboy hats, trends are always switching. Usually, women’s hats change in terms of only style and not the type. As gender identification has become less binary, a plethora of hats have started making their mark in the fashion world.

Here are some well-known women’s hat styles:

Women’s Cowboy Hats:

Cowboy hats have been the talk of the town for a very long time. You surely must have seen your favourite movie characters sport these accessories. If you’re an adventure movie buff, you know exactly what we’re talking about. From Pulp Fiction to Indiana Jones, cowboy hats have always been welcomed by everyone. These hats can be made of leather, straw, or felt. These unisex hats sport a high crown and upturned brims on either sides!

Fedora Hats:

Fedora hats are extremely elegant hats that can be paired up with numerous clothing styles. You could wear it on your way to the market, you can wear it at the beach, or you can pair it up with an elegant red carpet look. Brims on a fedora hat is what makes it so special. Some have a fixed brim, some have a flexible brim. You can use flexible brims to cover your eye-line and give a more mysterious look. Fedoras are summer hats that women usually go for. When these hats are paired with different hairstyles, they can make you look much taller. Hairstyles like a low hanging bun, braids, and messy hair go well with fedoras. They also make the best sun hats for women!

Floppy Sun Hats:

Summer hats that women pick are usually floppy. These floppy hats have falling, flexible brims that allow the person using it to shield themselves from the sun. Floppy hats don’t just cover the forehead but also cover up the shoulders, providing complete protection from sunlight. These hats are made with straws and are usually embellished with colourful beads. They can also be used as winter hats and are made with felt or wool to keep the head warm.

Bucket Hats:

Gucci, Fendi, Christian Dior, Prada, Burberry, the list goes on and on and on. Bucket hats have struck the fashion industry hard and are here to stay. A lot of street wear is paired with bucket hats to accentuate the entire look. These hats can be made out of several materials such as crochet, fur, etc. All high-end designer brands usually sell bucket hats with their logos on it. Crochet bucket hats are perfect for the beach while fur bucket hats are ideal for the winters. Bucket hats with their unique look have become more of a fashion statement.

Baseball Hats:

Baseball hats make for a cute yet classy look for women. These hats were traditionally worn by sportsmen, especially polo players. These hats sport a compact look and go really well with long and round faces. Women’s baseball hats have been quite the popular accessory since these past few years. A lot of athleisure brands have their own line of baseball caps. These caps can be worn for horseback riding, a sporty day out, or for a trek. They go best with a short tennis skirt and a bomber jacket!

When it comes to hat selections, you could spend days trying to set your mind on a few of them, but your heart will always desire all of them. Hats in general make outfits and outings much more exciting and fun. If you’re aware of your face’s shape, you can shop for hats that accentuate your face completely and bring a contrast to your features. Don’t waste any time, go put a hat on. Happy shopping!