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There a lot of surprises for skilled professionals planning to live, work and migrate to Australia. It is the country’s immigration department considering the option to invite those visa applicants who can play a major economic role especially when the world is affected due to the global pandemic.

Listen to the detailed discussion of one of our Registered Migration Agents speak exclusively about different Australian regional areas sponsoring professionals for Permanent Residency pathways.

How Australian immigration benefits students, professionals?

To start with, the Migration Agent elaborated on the department initiating a pilot program for international students. They can come and complete studies despite the borders still closed. The borders are likely to open by the year-end.

On the issue of the skilled workforce, the RMA reiterated that stakeholders and migration agents are working closely with the immigration authority. They insisted that the authority should add more occupations to the skilled occupation list as per Australia immigration news update thus helping visa applicants to benefit from Permanent Residency.

Subclass 491 Skilled Work Provisional Visa & subclass 190

Two visa programs that were part of the discussion were Skilled Work Provisional Visa-subclass 491 and Skilled Nominated Visa-subclass 190. It was the RMA who cited instances of two regional areas, Victoria and New South Wales conducting 491 and 190 invitation rounds for skilled professionals in the past couple of months.

Invitations were granted to professionals in the IT and chef occupations. It is, however, positive development for some applicants to receive invitations provided they explain to the authority how their occupations can revive the economy in troubled times.

Subclass 491 visa key features

The visa is meant for 5 years. Earlier, it was for 4 years.

The 491 is a temporary visa. Every visa holder has to complete at least a minimum of three years in a particular regional area. Thereafter, he can apply for GSM (General Skilled Migration) visas for Permanent Residency.

The visa holder has to:

  • Work, study and live in a regional area and a nominated position if you are employer-sponsored.
  • Notify the immigration office within 14 days. The notification is based on any changes or amendments as far as details of the visa holder are concerned. You should give proof in 28 days.
  • The applicant has to attend the immigration meeting if requested.

Every visa holder can move across several provincial regions. These regions exclude Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.

Subclass 191 Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa

On a subclass 191 Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa, overseas professionals can benefit from Permanent Residency. One of the visa provisions is that you have to stay in a regional area for 3 years and have to be employed, self-employed, etc. If you breach the visa condition, you will be denied the visa. Besides, you should earn at least AUD 53,900 per year for 3 years.

It is the 191 visa that grants you complete full-time study and work rights and medical benefits.

Likewise, Subclass 191 offers a PR pathway to those individuals who prefer to settle in regional Australia. To be qualified for the Permanent Residence visa, every applicant has to meet a 3-year residence that is a prerequisite as a provisional visa holder and satisfy all 491/494 visa conditions.

Talent & Innovators program

Interestingly, a large number of skilled migrants can benefit from the Talent and Innovators program in South Australia. It was the Registered Migration Agent who emphasized the regional government providing several pathways and opportunities to these highly skilled migrants and how the latter can contribute to the regional area’s priority sectors. In other words, the program allows the regional area to nominate those applicants under one of the four streams.

These include-

Employment Stream is meant for those migrants working for different businesses in South Australia

Similarly, start-up & small business stream is essentially for those migrants who can start their own businesses in the regional area

Whereas, you must complete the qualification at higher education institution if you want to apply under high performing graduate stream

It is the Independent Talent Stream that is beneficial for those skilled applicants seeking a state nomination

In other words, every successful applicant has to demonstrate how they can bring skills, innovation, and new ideas to South Australia by which employment opportunities can be provided to local youth.


In a nutshell, the RMA summed up the efforts of different regional areas attracting more skilled professionals by offering employment opportunities and helping them to work, stay and settle indefinitely. Stay updated with the latest Australian immigration news and education updates here to proceed in the right direction towards your Australian dreams.

If you want detailed information on the General Skilled Migration program, criteria, and regional areas invitation rounds, feel free to interact with our immigration consultants now.