by Jilli

The process can be terrifying, whether you renovate an old kitchen or design a new kitchen. There are so many things you have to take into account and it can be awesome. The drawing up of the layout plans and the selection of cabinet materials, and appliances are important tasks for kitchen design in Sydney, but where do you begin? The best proposal is for the design process to be broken up into separate stages to focus on one area at a time, which helps to ensure that you have the best opportunity to carefully evaluate all options without making rash decisions. 

Do Some Research

You may already have a pretty good idea of what you want or have no idea at all about your new kitchen! In any case, before you hire a kitchen manufacturer, it’s good to do some of your research. It helps you feel the look you like and you might even discover some colour schemes or kitchen styles that you haven’t ever thought about. See the professionals near to your area in Sydney when selecting a designer, and seek suggestions from friends and family, they are happy to share your good and bad experiences with you.

Set The Budget

You need to know exactly what you’re working on in budget before you can get to the fun parts of the kitchen design. If you are planning to build the new kitchen in a limited amount of money, then you have to put in it, so that you start with budget planning and work in way out instead of being too ambitious in your plan and having to adjust later.

Obtain Your Inspiration

Bring any images you’ve collected and colour photographs and images you’ve saved from online searches when you’re meeting with your kitchen designer. These tips will help your designer to gain an overview of your new kitchen requirement and the overall look you desire to achieve.

At this point, you don’t need to think about all aspects of design; you and your designer can only get from it. Your designer may ask questions about your preferred kitchen layouts, cabinet handles, materials, & finishes, benchtops, and colour combinations to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Consider Kitchen Appliances

At this point, you do not have to select specific models of devices, but this will help the design process if you have an idea of the type of devices you want.

Oven and refrigerators are the most important equipment to consider at this stage. Kitchen design and layout, and custom cabinetry for your new kitchen will be affected by both scenarios.

Set your priorities

The determination of the usefulness of the space is just as much a question of figuring out how to design a kitchen. Everything you need from your kitchen will play a huge role in the design, so you can look at what is truly important for yourself and work your way out of it.

Consider Lighting

It is a good idea to make it flexible when planning to light so that you can independently control your kitchen areas. Secondly, lighting selection is also important, like spots over the kitchen and preparation areas. It is important to write down yours in the earliest possible time so that your kitchen is adapted to your specific needs, and everyone wants to work in their way.

What’s Your New Layout of the Kitchen?

Discuss the layout of your new kitchen with your kitchen manufacturers or designers. There are six most popular kitchen layouts including one wall, galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, island and Peninsula. You may want to consider certain layout components as following:

  • Coffee bar
  • Eating bar
  • Island
  • Pantry
  • Serving counter
  • Built-in seating or desk area
  • Baking centre

If you want to change your layout of the kitchen significantly, for example, move the sink or the oven, it is important to talk about that now.

Benchtops Selection

Which one is right for you with so many choices on benchtops? In this decision, your budget can play a prominent role. Consider the laminate when you try to keep costs low, there are so many fabulous colours and design options available for the benchtop. 

You can select quarts or stone benchtops, it’s a fabulous hard-wearing surface that adds value to your house. There are also reliable natural granite materials that are incredibly hard to wear or are softer in marble and which over time will show their wear and tear adding character. You can dictate the style of kitchen design, but you must remember that this is an expensive part of the kitchen style.

Final Words

Whether the kitchen isn’t an appealing design or hard to move around, you deserve a remodel that fits your lifestyle. Follow these steps to ensure that your kitchen is what you want to be exactly.