by jason12

There are many reasons why you might want to use a multifunction printer in your own home. To start with, it’s a versatile piece of equipment if you are setting up a home office. You can also use it for no end of creative projects in your leisure time.

What is a Multifunction Printer?

You’ll find a multifunction device has many advantages over a standard printer. It combines the services of several different office machines such as a fax machine and photocopier. You can also use it to send emails and scan documents ready for uploading to your PC. Printing can involve an extensive range of colours, helping you to be creative.

1. Save Money

Choosing a printer with multifunction capabilities is an economical choice. Setting up a home office can be expensive. The cost of purchasing separate pieces of equipment such as a standard printer and photocopier soon adds up. A multifunction printer can perform all these tasks, yet you only must pay for one device. A multifunction printer can sometimes be slightly more expensive to buy, but compared to purchasing several individual devices, it’s much more economical. It appears even more worthwhile if you don’t need to use every function too often.

2. Minimal Space

Most home offices are set up in a small corner of your living room or bedroom where space is at a premium. If you want to include facilities such as a printer and photocopier, they can take up far too much space. A multifunction printer is a compact piece of equipment that saves on the amount of space you need. It can help you improve how you work from home as it keeps a small office area free of multiple machines.

3. Versatile and Convenient

When you’re completing assignments, a multifunction printer can help improve your work rate and efficiency. It provides a seamless connection between the different functions. It’s much more convenient than having to use separate equipment. For instance, it enables you to switch from printing documents to sending one through the fax function just by touching the control pad. Multifunction printers usually include memory and save facilities. You can often store up to 100 documents in your memory.

4. Save Energy

When you install multiple pieces of equipment in your home office, they can increase your energy bills. An all-in-one multifunction printer is an ecological choice as it uses far less electricity. Some models feature energy-saving technology. It helps them use components for tasks such as laser printing that don’t need to pre-heat the fuser that’s responsible for distributing the spray of ink. Your multifunction printer should help you reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Remote Versatility

Choose an advanced multifunction printer and you could benefit from Smart technology. Many of these devices are ideal for remote work. They are often compatible with home automation systems, Bluetooth and WiFi. You can even access the multifunction printer through your smartphone and issue instructions while you’re in another location. It’s a convenient way to print essential documents that you may urgently need for your work.

6. Economical Repairs

Most office equipment suffers a great deal of wear and tear. However, a multifunction printer can often reduce your maintenance expenditure. The streamlined design usually helps improve the machine’s reliability. An inkjet multifunction printer is often more reliable as it doesn’t use vulnerable components such as a transfer belt. If it ever does malfunction, you’ll generally be asked to pay only one service or repair charge. Servicing or repairing separate items potentially increases your maintenance costs.

7. Superior Operating Speeds

Manufacturers are constantly improving the designs and technology of multifunction printers. It means the capabilities of such a machine are fast and efficient. It is possible to find printing speeds of 100 pages every minute. Standard printers may achieve around half that amount. Sending documents by fax can take around three pages every second.


Choosing a multifunction printer for your home can be a wise decision. It’s an ideal addition to your home office. Its compact design helps save on space. A multifunction printer uses less energy than running separate items. Advanced models include technology that ensures versatility and a range of operating features such as storing documents and remote operation.