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An explainer video is a short animated video that focuses on explaining an idea (business, product, service, or program) in a simple, easy-to-understand way, using simple and fun language with visuals that attract the attention of the audience. 

Video marketers have seen 66% more qualified leads per year than their sans-video counterparts. You can find them on various social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Explainer videos are known for their effectiveness and ease of production. However, production is still a crucial part that you need to be careful and always pay attention to detail. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make a killer explainer video for your business. 

1. Choose a Style

The first step is to choose your video style that fits your business concept. Video style can increase your audience’s memory of your brand. That’s why it is very important to determine the style of the video that is attractive, eye-catching, and can present your product.

To choose the right style for your explanation video, you need to think about what you want to convey, and what style will best help you achieve it. There are many kinds of video styles that you can use such as animation, whiteboard, motion graphics, and so on.

2. Write The Video Script

Scripts are an important element in making videos because they will help you to see the storyline of the video so that your audience can understand the important messages that you delivered and how your business product or service can help solve your customer’s problems.

So, spend more time in the scripting stage for maximum results. Make a script that is strong enough because a strong script will make the process of making videos faster and easier and help you produce videos that are much more effective.

3. Recording Voice Over

The next step in producing an explainer video is to record a script that has been made previously into a background sound or voice-over. Then the recording is combined with the appropriate background sound. 

It is important to choose the right back sound for your video because when you choose the wrong one, it might be disturbing for your audiences and difficult for them to understand to catch the important messages of your video. For example, use a video with a cheerful character for a video that is full of enthusiasm.

4. Video Explainer Production

The next step is to produce the visual component – an image or an illustration. The purpose of producing visual components is to improve scripts, sometimes some things cannot be explained with text or audio. So, it is important to put a big effort into video production.

There are some choices when it comes to the actual production, whether you can hire a talented professional animator, or you can go to a video production company, or if you have the skills you can create it on your own.   

5. Add Music and Sound Effects

The last step to make a video explainer is adding music and sound effects. This step will be customized to the concept of video and voice-over because it will support one another to make interesting video results for the audience to watch.

This background music and sound effects will help add a deeper dimension to your videos so that your audiences can be enjoyable in watching your video and easier to catch the messages of the video.


Now you understand better about making killer explainer videos to help your business move to another level. It might sound easy but you will still need to put in some effort to bring up some ideas, skills, and patience in making them.

Take a quick look at this video marketing checklist to help you reach better results. 

Therefore, we would recommend you to follow this article guide to help you create a killer explainer video for your business or you can use explainer video company service in creating your video. So, start to make your explainer video that will bring your business to a higher level.