by Dr. Aarohi Vachhrajani

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period of every woman’s life.

Yoga helps in healing your mind and makes you feel light and joyful and it relieves your stress, too.

You can click here and go through this PDF explaining the Yoga is a boon to motherhood.


  • What is Yoga And Meditation ?

What is Yoga and Meditation


  • Yoga is the combination of different Aasanas which includes full body stretching, maintenance of muscle strength and also keeps the body fit and healthy.
  • There are many Aasanas which you can perform during pregnancy.
  • Meditation is the term used for mental peace and well being.
  • Meditation keeps your mind relaxed and some studies say that it also regulates your hormonal level which keeps you fresh and happy the whole day.
  • But, if the person is having any complications during pregnancy then she should  first consult her gynecologist before starting yoga but she can do meditation for sure.


  • Myths About Yoga During Pregnancy



  1. It negatively affects the baby’s position.
  2. Sometimes it can cause miscarriage.
  3. The mother becomes more weak if she does yoga.
  4. If a mother is doing yoga during pregnancy it can cause other medical conditions.
  5. Yoga is a strenuous activity and rest is best during pregnancy.
  6. Meditation can make mental health weak.
  7. The mother will become more stressful after meditation.
  8. Meditation can cause negative effects on mother and baby.


  • The Positive Effects Of Yoga And Meditation On Your Body And Mind




  1. Positive Effects Of Yoga During Pregnancy

positive effects


  1. It helps to increase the strength and flexibility of the body.
  2. It also increases muscle endurance which is important for childbirth.
  3. You can plan your yoga poses according to your trimester.
  4. It also helps to reduce low back pain during pregnancy.
  5. If the lady has issues like leg swelling, redness then yoga helps to reduce them and makes the mother feel more relaxed and energetic.
  6. It also helps to improve sleep.
  7. Yoga can help to reduce nausea, headaches and shortness of breath which generally occurs during the first trimester.
  • Positive Effects Of Meditation During Pregnancy:
  1. Meditation can help in reducing physical and mental stress.
  2. It also improves focus and concentration.
  3. It helps to reduce or maintain the blood pressure.
  4. Practicing Mindfulness is also good during pregnancy.
  5. It also helps women to relax and feel fresh and light.


  • Some helpful Yoga Poses Done During Pregnancy:

Yoga poses


  • The poses can be vary according to trimester changes.
  • If the lady has any complications during pregnancy then she has to consult her gynecologist  first before starting yoga but yes she can do meditation.
  • Here are some common yoga poses which women can do according to trimester.
  • They are following:
  1. The Yoga Poses During First Trimester:

Yoga poses


  1. During the first trimester women have to be a little bit careful.
  2. During this period basic standing poses are good choice, These poses include:
  • Warrior Pose
  • Crescent Lunge and Side Angle Pose
  • Standing Balancing poses

These poses are beneficial because the blood pressure is low during the first trimester and the women can feel dizzy or light headed by doing these yoga poses.

  1. The Yoga Poses During Second Trimester:

Here are some particular yoga poses which one can done during second trimester:

  1. The Warrior Pose
  2. The Triangular Pose
  3. The Side Angle Pose
  4. The Palm tree Pose
  5. The side leg raise
  6. Neck Rolls

These are some particular poses , There are some others also one can perform them after consulting the gynecologist and make sure one thing that performs all the yoga poses under the guidance of yoga teacher.

See here the video about Pregnancy Yoga and Natural Birth Preparation Exercises

(Source: YouTube

  1. Yoga Poses During Third Trimester
  • Third trimester is the last trimester of pregnancy and you have to be very careful during this period.
  • Once the 8th month is completed it is good to avoid exercise that requires to raise knees to a high level.
  • There are some particular yoga poses which one can perform during the 3rd trimester.
  1. Do breathing and relaxation exercises more.
  2. Rotation of shoulder
  3. The butterfly pose
  4. The half butterfly pose
  5. Lying down one side
  6. The cat pose
  7. Balasana- sleeping like a child


  • Precautions
  1. Don’t exercise for a long period of time.
  2. Do not bend too much.
  3. If you have any medical condition, then first consult your doctor before starting yoga or any other exercise.
  4. Do perform yoga poses under observation of the yoga teacher.
  5. If you feel any discomfort or breathlessness or any other symptoms then do contact your doctor first.

Feel good


Be happy and do what makes you happy! Have a healthy and happy days!!

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