by Dr. Aarohi Vachhrajani

As we all know that food is primary requirement for our physical health and well being but it’s also the most important key source for our good mental health, too.

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  • Can Food Affect The Mood????


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  •  According to many scientific studies there is a correlation between our food intake and mental health.
  • As per studies the levels of our food nutrients are directly responsible for our good or bad mental health.
  • There is a correlation between refined sugars and impaired brain function.
  • They are also responsible for worsening of symptoms of mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.


  • Importance Of  Healthy Food For Mental Well Being:

Mental health


  •  Healthy food can make you feel well and happy.
  • It also helps to prevent and improve the symptoms of mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Healthy and balanced diet can also improves the gut and digestion which makes you feel light and fit.
  • Some studies show that by taking proper diet regularly one can have less chances of mental health issues.
  • Proper dietary intake can makes person fit and prevents obesity and its related disorders.

So, take good and healthy food and be fit and healthy as Good Food is equal to Good Mood.


  • Positive And Negative Effects Of Food On Mood:

positive effects


  •  Each and every food products which we are there in our diet can have positive and negative effect on our mood.
  • That’s why we have to be very careful in choosing what we are going to eat.
  • We must take proper proteins, Good fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals and Fibers in our diet.
  • The improper amount of any of above mentioned can directly affect on our mood and physical health also.
  • Here are some positive and negative effects of food on mood.
  • They are following:
  1. What type of food having positive effects on mood???



  1. Good amount of proteins in your diet
  2. Fresh fruits and Vegetables
  3. Carbohydrate rich diet
  4. Good amount of Fibers in diet
  5. Proper intake of vitamins like Vitamin B and its variants, Vitamin D and its varients, Vitamin A and C etc.
  6. Adequate amount of mineral rich diet like zinc, iron, magnesium etc.
  7. The most important taking good hydration throughout the day.


  1. What type of food having negative effects on Mood ????

negative effects


  • Our diet can make you the person who you are. We are what we eat.
  • Not all the food we are having in our diet have positive impacts on our body. Some are responsible for worsening the mood and also not good for our physical health, too.


Here are some food which have negative effect on your mood and also responsible for your unhealthy mental health.

  1. Inadequate amount of protein intake in our daily diet
  2. Eating high amount of refined carbohydrates
  3. Eating low fiber intake food (Fiber can directly affect on our gut and also responsible for digestion, low fiber can slows the digestion process which is responsible for worsening of mood)
  4. Improper amount and low level of Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, Omega 3 and Fatty acids are directly responsible for low mood changes.
  5. Low levels of body vitamins can also directly affects on hormonal level and makes person feel low energetic and depressed.
  6. High intake of unhealthy diet can also increase the bad body fats and makes the person obese which is the one of the cause of depression.
  7. High intakes of unhealthy processed carbohydrates can cause blood sugar level rise and fall easily.

So, it’s important to avoid or minimize these type of food in our everyday diet plan to maintain good mood.


  • Some Diet Planning Advice For Good Mood

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  •  Sometimes we are confused between what type of food is necessary in diet and what is not.
  • Some food products are mandatory in our everyday diet.
  • Here are some key points which help to plan everyday diet but if the person is having some medical conditions or suffering from depression or the person is taking some medications then they must have to contact their Doctor and Dietitian before planning any diet as improper diet plan can worsen the condition.
  1. Eat regularly and don’t skip breakfast.
  2. Take adequate amount of water and other liquids to stay hydrated.
  3. Take good amount of fibers in meal for your good gut and digestion.
  4. Don’t eat too much at a time.
  5. Try to avoid bad fats and junk food in your everyday diet as its responsible for many health issues.
  6. Take some good amount of protein rich diet.
  7. Eat good fats and avoid bad ones.
  8. Manage caffeine level in your everyday diet.
  9. Try to eat fresh food instead of frozen foods.

So, here above mentioned are some key points of planning the healthy diet in your everyday life.

world food day


  • To raise the awareness of healthy food “The world Food Day” is celebrated in all over the world on 16th October every year.
  • So Eat Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Positive And Live with Good Mental Health as our mental health reflects our personality and who we are!
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