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Every year we get new trends that will be on everyone’s lips in the near future. While this year was different by many standards, the design industry and trendsetters didn’t rest. If you’re planning a home renovation or just want to stay in the loop, here are some of the biggest trends in the country you can expect to see in 2022.

Natural aesthetic

With the popularization of technology and sci-fi concepts like commercial space travel, many Australians are longing for simpler times. This can be achieved with a down-to-earth interior aesthetic that promotes balance and wellness, relaxation, health and acceptance. The natural aesthetic will be reflected in the rise in the use of copper (which has antimicrobial properties so it’s a double-win situation), neutral colours, natural materials, simple natural shapes of furniture and elemental patterns in décor and art.

Earthy colour palette

By embracing a more natural aesthetic in 2022, the colour palette will also follow the change curve and start to reflect a warm earth-inspired vibe. To evoke the colours of Australian land, browns, soft terracotta, russet shades and metal ore shades will become more and more popular. These colours have the ability to ground us, yet create a light-filled home that promotes happiness, good mood and wellness. The mentioned colours have a visual dryness to them that perfectly reflects the Australian bush and desert, but also the future of Earth if we don’t do something about the pollution.


Sustainability has been a huge trend for quite some time now, especially in Australia which is known for being environmentally forward. The solar panel market is blooming today thanks to better prices, better design, maximized efficiency and attractive design of panels. Placing solar panels on the roof will be a step closer to being green, but also boost the appeal of your home blessing it with a new point of interest. The same goes with painted roofs. If you find experts in roof painting in Sydney, you can rejuvenate your roof and ensure that it protects your family and assets whilst also improving your home’s value and sustainability. With different colours and finishes, you can boost energy-saving and appeal.

Mixing outdoor with indoor

The houseplant trend started blooming in 2020, continued to maintain its status throughout 2021 and will continue to do so in 2022. Bringing outdoors indoor has been proven to improve mood, clean out the indoor air and look relaxing and attractive to the eye. Retailers in Australia now hold a huge variety of plants that are fit for every home.


Most of us already have rooms that are multifunctional to an extent, but this trend has only increased due to the pandemic that forced tens of thousands of Australians to work and kids to study from home without a proper home office or study space. However, in 2022, we can expect to see home office/study room/storage rooms becoming one of the main design features. Thanks to vertical storage, double desks and hidden electronics, multifunctional spaces can provide users with functionality and extra space without having to invest in home additions or a new property.

High-tech architecture

High-tech design is specified by its interesting geometry and clarity of lines. The main feature of this exterior design trend is the use of engineering and architectural elements for functionality, but also décor. Think pipelines and ventilators as focal points. The façade of such buildings is usually black or grey, clad in recycled plastic or metal panels in addition to metal columns and even engineering equipment. Australians are not afraid to experiment and be bold, and this design trend shows that the best.

Primitive minimalism shapes

So-called ‘caveman’ aesthetics and primitive minimalism will take over from regular minimalism we know and love. People in Australia who are very familiar with covid-19 lockdowns are seeking products that will allow them to return to basic style. Instead of celebrating mass manufacturing, this trend rejects disposable culture and embraces ethically-produced artisanal pieces with an enduring and robust look full of natural imperfections. It might sound silly, but it looks very comforting and attractive to the eye.

Trends change, but some of these are here to stay by the looks of things. The Australian public loves these trends so much that they might become the “new norm” for design in the future. How do they fit into your home?