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Designing a kitchen is a task that few people can do flawlessly without assistance. Do you think you’re competent enough to decide whether a gas stove is a better option than an electric hob? Can you tell whether lighting needs to be above your worktops or focused in the centre of the ceiling? Those are just a few tasks that can go wrong if you decide to start designing a kitchen layout at the spur of the moment. Take your time, check out our list of most common kitchen design mistakes, and learn how to successfully avoid them.

Overcrowding counters

One of the biggest kitchen design mistakes, according to interior designers, is overflowing counters with appliances. After all, the kitchen is the area of food preparation. That means you need to have enough room to chop, whisk, stir, kneed, and mix all those yummy ingredients without thinking about where to put the mixer away. The last thing you need is rearranging the coffee and biscuit containers while making your morning waffles just because there’s no space for a mixing bowl. Appliances that you seldomly use can live inside the cupboards until you need them.  

Neglecting lights

Interior designers keep pointing out that quality lighting is essential in the kitchen. However, many homeowners neglect this aspect and go for decorative lighting instead of quality task lighting. You need to see well while chopping onions or cutting the meat thinly as you fillet it. That’s why, you need to position the lighting fixtures above your working area, instead of away from where you usually prepare food. Large windows will be a significant advantage, as they’ll offer plenty of daylight when you most need it. However, if your kitchen doesn’t get enough natural light, think well about the location that needs the most lighting. Ideally, you’ll combine task, accent and ambient lighting to create a perfect cooking ambience.

Leaving the choice of appliance for last

While in your head you may have already imagined your dream kitchen, choosing appliances shouldn’t be the last to come true. More often than not, homeowners design the kitchen layout without measuring the appliances, leaving them for last. A mistake like that can cost you a lot of money and even more nerves. So, we advise you choose your favourite gas burner before all the work in the kitchen is done. Do the safe with the fridge, and any other appliance that can easily make or break the kitchen layout. Don’t forget to measure the appliances correctly to avoid having to fit too big a microwave on your tiny countertop. Choose appliances right at the start of the kitchen design process because they tend to dictate the overall design of your kitchen.

Forgetting about ventilation

Cooking on the stove produces a lot of steam which can damage your walls and furniture if not extracted from the room. Soups, stews pasta and other dishes that generate steam will fill your kitchen with delightful aromas but humidity as well. To avoid seeing your wallpaper come off due to excess moisture, invest in good ventilation systems. Placing one above your stove will help you cook in a pleasant ambience away from steam.

Not leaving enough room for doors and drawers to open

Sometimes when you think you’re finished with your kitchen design, you remember that another element would look perfect. But did you remember to check whether something will be in the way after placing it there? Will you be able to open all the doors and drawers with it in the kitchen? Many people overlook the kitchen layout when adding the final touch and end with a broken design. The last thing you want is to hit a kitchen island, surfaces or walls and damage them because you were careless and overlooked measuring the space.

Designing the kitchen without a professional

One of the biggest mistakes many interior designers point out is designing a kitchen layout without their help. The interior designer will know best if your initial idea is worth the trouble or not. They will also be familiar with current trends and the timeless ones that won’t make your dream layout look dated after several years. Hiring an interior designer also allows you to modify your ideas to create the best possible kitchen design for your home and style.

Final thoughts

Don’t think that designing a kitchen layout is for everyone. While some people tend to do a lovely job for their kitchen, others won’t be able to do well no matter how hard they try. That’s why it’s always wise to hire a professional when you’re in doubt. Don’t risk wasting money and remodelling in a few months, just because you were too proud to admit that you are likely to make several cardinal mistakes.