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The Hajj and Umrah are two of the most significant pilgrimages in a Muslim’s life. You, Will, Need to Pay Attention To Your Valuables, including Money in order To Protect Them and also Make your trip The Most Charming Experience. It is nerve-wracking to make sure that your travel money is safe on any journey, and pilgrims departing for Hajj and Umrah are no exception. By following the pieces of advice below, you will be able to keep your money securely and conveniently.

  1. Cash

    – Hajj and Umrah are two major time and effort-demanding pilgrimages in the world. Millions of people go from all over the world to attend the annual pilgrimage, and carrying large amounts of cash is not advisable in such a crowded place. Carrying small amounts of cash to assist with transportation, food, and other expenses is OK, but anything larger should be avoided.

  2. Cards (Both Debit Or Credit)

    – With the assistance of new chip and pin technology, both debit or credit cards are so much preferable and provide a level of protection for pilgrims, and also the ability to report them as lost or stolen to your banks.

When you run out of currency or need money, both debit or credit cards are perfect because you can immediately withdraw the amount needed from the ATMs located around the Haram Shareef and nearby locations.

When debit cards are used for transactions, they provide benefits such as great interbank exchange rates, bonus points on every purchase, and discount deals from the bank account. However, it’s worth mentioning that credit and debit cards can charge fees for transactions or withdrawals made while traveling. Before you depart, make sure to verify with your bank.

  1. Forex Cards

    – A special banking card designed exclusively for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims has been introduced by multiple banks and other financial institutions. The new Forex cards are largely regarded as the smartest, safest, and most convenient method of carrying cash during the Hajj and Umrah. These PIN-protected cards can be ideal for both online and offline transactions, and also withdrawing cash from ATMs internationally at lower rates than standard debit and credit cards.

The main benefit of carrying the Hajj and Umrah Forex card is that it protects pilgrims from currency market or rates fluctuations. This is due to the fact that when money is ‘loaded’ onto the card, the conversion rates are pre-determined and locked in.

You can also continue adding money from anywhere in the world, and the service provides online banking with 24/7 monitoring and transactional logs. The card also comes with free insurance and a live customer support service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  1. Cheques For A Traveler

    – It was once thought to be a pilgrim’s favorable technique of keeping their money safe. They are secure because they aren’t associated with any bank account and are widely accepted.

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