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There’s a first time for everything, and if you’re planning on having a wedding snap, you’ll have plenty of them over your first wedding weekend. A first kiss, a first dance, and the first piece of cake are all part of the experience. For one of these unforgettable moments, where can you set up your cameras? Would you need lighting for each shot? How are you going to treat the audio? You’ll want it in order as the bride says “I do” so you can catch every expression and angle.

Investing in costly videography equipment and attending filmmaking workshops isn’t necessary to produce a polished, professional-looking movie. These video shooting fundamentals of the Wedding Videographer Melbourne will come in handy if you’re recording a high-end project or merely making a vlog that your audience will enjoy.

Clients Expectations are Very Important

Setting priorities for clients is one of the most difficult things for a young wedding videographer to understand.

You and the customers both need to be on the same page on what the finished result would look like. Your customer may have seen a video from a friend’s wedding and assumed that your product would be similar. Take the time to sit down with your customer and discuss your skills (in terms of gear restrictions, skill levels that you have, number of camera operators needed, etc.)

Seal the deal with expectation

Set up a day to speak with your customers for drinks, coffee, or Wedding Photography Melbourne chat after you’ve had an initial email exchange. This personalizes the experience and helps you to get to know your pair better. Inquire about their priorities, the most awaited moment of the day, and other aspects of their relationship. The key subject should not be pricing. Many of your clients may have already signed or are merely inquiring about how to better their desired collection at this stage.

Remember to focus on the wonderful clients you have rather than the ones you don’t. Only a few of your current clients are genuinely important, and you only need a few each year.

Be compact and quick

On the wedding day, there are no second opportunities, and you must be able to predict and follow developments as they happen. When you run around the wedding quickly to capture moments, you can ideally go unnoticed. Pack light and skip heavy gear because you’ll be on your feet for a long time.

Mount Camera at the right place

Beginners also make the mistake of not considering how the focal length of the lens and the camera’s distance from the subject impact the scene’s appearance. Never put your camera too close to your subject while taking close-up shots, as this can cause unattractive facial distortions and make cropping out the scene’s edges more difficult.

Placing your camera a few feet away and carefully zooming in with your camera lens is much faster. But, before you go zooming with your camera, keep in mind that you should do so optically (with the lens) rather than digitally, as the latter will diminish the appearance of your video clips and make them appear pixellated.

Fire a tone of B-roll, but do so with the intent

Just getting insufficient video is worse than flipping through infinite folders with b-roll. Keep an eye out for stunning people shots or close-ups when you catch your ‘must have’ moments during the day. Shoot more b-roll than you think you’ll like, but keep your shots deliberate and just shoot if they’re deserving of your final video.

Cinematic Techniques as a Wedding Videographer Melbourne 

A fully professional-looking video project includes a variety of simple camera gestures that not only improve the storytelling but also hold the audience engaged. If you want to take your videography to the next step and wow your viewers, try using some cinematography techniques.

The methods you use can be mostly decided by your level of imagination and how you choose to portray the scenes, so it’s still wise to pick out the most important ones that will best tell your story. You don’t want to go overboard with the graphics and end up distracting the audience from your plot.

Use a professional delivery package

Give a thank-you note to your customer soon after the wedding. Remind them of the contents of their order as well as the expected arrival date.

Is the packaging up to snuff? Is it consistent with our brand? For local delivery, choose the best-personalized USBs, embossed USB case, USB care card, mailing package, or branded gift bag.

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