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Shopify has been associated with React Native for over a year now it has finally decided to incorporate the framework for the development of its mobile app platform. Studies have found that this will almost double up the development productivity-increasing its share to about 95% among code sharing platforms.

eCommerce Development Company partnered with React Native following the acquisition of Tictail Company that is completely based on React Native. One of the major reasons behind Shopify’s acquisition was because they were already making extensive use of React Native across their different web platforms. It further enhanced possibilities utilizing this model in their mobile applications. Back in 2019, the software development team at Shopify App Development Services started working on three different applications Point of Sale, Arrive and Compass. Arrive is an order tracking tool designed for customers with options for millions of downloads, Compass and Point of Sale are specifically meant for sellers.

What is React Native?

Back in 2016 Facebook announced the launch of an open-source framework named  React Native that was previously used internally for developing mobile applications. React Native designed for cross-platform development of mobile applications which makes use of the JS library react. This feature lends it the flexibility to make use of top JS libraries creating a user interface suitable for native mobile applications.

Developers at Shopify App Development Services believed in the potential of this platform that led to another Shopify event named hack days completely dedicated to React Native. The features and scope of the platform were highly appreciated but it was not possible in 2015 to incorporate react-native in the mobile application. It was mainly because of insufficient support on Android OS. Also, it was not possible to create apps based on the React Native platform for large scale mobile app development.

E-Commerce Development Company created two separate groups of developers to focus on mobile app development to link and its foundations for both Android and IOS platforms. The result was a much quicker and efficient development process which was further worked on to enhance its effectiveness.

How does React Native work?

React Native platform help Shopify App Development Services to design cross-platform mobile applications that are displayed negatively with the help of JavaScript. React Native similar to react where the user interface is created in JS with a series of UI elements or virtual DOM (VDOM). If interface elements of React JS are displayed in a browser it is converted into VDOM object by React Native. It then becomes specific to the native platform which can be displayed on mobile devices with binders. React Native infrastructure can also be used for developing apps for platforms like Mac OS, Apple tvOS, and windows.

When React Native cannot be used?

There are several instances when react-native infrastructure is not utilized by the e-Commerce Development Company team for developing mobile applications

  • Applications designed to be compatible older hardware (CPU <1.5 GHz)
  • Highly sophisticated processing methods
  • Apps design for high-performance purposes
  • Threads running in the background

Low-level libraries which comprise of different SDKs continue to remain native developers can create their own native nodules as per the requirement of the hardware

Mobile app development using Shopify

Shopify App Development Services offers a platform to buyers and sellers who can interact with one another in different ways through mobile and web applications. Developers at Shopify decided to create three mobile applications to enhance the user experience

1. Arrive

Towards the end of 2018, Shopify decided to rewrite one of its most popular applications on the React Native platform. This was a high-performance application that was being used by millions of users on their Apple devices. The react-native platform was used for creating the Android version of Arrive to give Android users a similar experience.

  • The latest iteration of this application for iOS is more efficient and has fewer chances of crashing
  • It also gets an equally efficient Android version
  • Both mobile and non-mobile app developers now beautiful to work with this project

2. Point of sale

During the first half of 2019, a week-long experiment was conducted on Shopify’s flagship product Point of Sale. To meet the expectations of retailers and also incorporate certain changes React Native version of IOS was created alongside the Android version.

Two separate teams were formed for this task the reason being

  • Shopify was already having a strong team for iOS which includes developers application on the native platform
  • This allowed doing a performance comparison between native iOS development and development using native platforms

3. Compass

This Shopify App Development service is aimed at helping customers start their own ventures. The company began rewriting the mobile applications on the React Native platform. A detailed comparison of React Native and flutter was made in the process. React Native was chosen as the platform for developing the beta version of this application compatible with IOS the Android version of this application was also built on the React platform.

Why React Native is the most suitable choice for app development

Following are some of the reasons rhyme on the number of e-Commerce Development Company prefers reading React Native over other platform building their mobile application

  • Ease of use

React Native makes use of JavaScript it makes that it easy to use. It also provides a wide array of features. New developers especially find it easier to use this tool.

  • Quicker app development

E-Commerce is unable to create new applications very fast using the React Native framework. It is an open-source framework that allows developers to make use of different local components.

  • Great user interface

Apps developed under React Native framework have an intuitive user experience

  • Real-time updates

React Native allows developers to send live updates at regular intervals to the user’s device.


Shopify is willing to invest more in the React Native app development platform but they will certainly not be writing all their applications on React Native. E-Commerce Development plans to use native libraries in frameworks for their future applications so it can be safely concluded that React Native Shopify partnership is going to be a really interesting thing in the world of Technology.