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Barbers style and cut men’s hair using tools like razors, scissors, trimmers, and shaving, hair care, and beard products. A career in barbering can be a rewarding and successful one, and there are also financial benefits and creativity factors. Due to the rise in popularity of social media, male grooming trends are constantly evolving as people want to be ready for a photograph at all times. You can choose to be a part of government-approved barber course Melbourne to get a certificate III in barbering.

There are different roads you can take to become a barber, and the learning style you prefer will dictate the route you should take. It will also depend on accessibility and the time available for training. The minimum qualification needed for a qualified barber is a level 2 NVQ equivalent in Barbering, which is recognized by the VTCT. You can get qualified by attending barber Melbourne courses and through other routes.

Private Courses

You will find many places providing private barbering courses that last for 1-3 months. If you wish to know the basics of barbering, you may opt for private courses that are 6-8 weeks long. Although this won’t give you an NVQ equivalent, it is good for understanding whether barbering is the right career path for you before you do your diploma and NVQ course.

If you wish to get a level 3 certificate or an NVQ qualification, there are private institutions that offer more intense courses lasting 9-12 weeks. A level 3 certificate will make you work-ready, but with a level 2 certificate, you will get an additional qualification that is recognized internationally. Of course, these private courses are not exactly cheap. To complete a course, you’ll need to pay about £2,000-£6000. You can earn this back, however, after working for a few months.

Further College Education

If you wish to attend a barber course at a college, you can apply for it if you are above 16 years of age. It will take you around 1-2 years to complete this course. A further education course can be taken as an alternative to A-Levels, and upon completing the course, you’ll receive an NVQ certificate.

The course will be a blend of practical and theory-based learning. In contrast to the private course, there will be more theory in a college course and fewer hand-on lessons. If you are between the age of 16-18, you can attend this course for free. Above 19, you may need to pay a fee.


It takes about 2-3 years to complete a barbering apprenticeship, and if you have just completed your GCSEs, it is a good option for you. Apprenticeships are A-level alternatives that give the students the opportunity to gain some real-world experience while they are in a learning process and trying to achieve a qualification.

To embark on a journey of apprenticeship, you first need to find yourself a college offering apprenticeship and a salon that trains apprentices. Depending on your age and the length of the apprenticeship program, you will receive a salary from your employer, and you don’t need to spend anything on your own. As a part of the program, you will receive payment for your training as well as your working hours.

There are many routes to take if you decide to become a barber, but you should consider having barber insurance because whether you are working or attending a barber course Melbourne, as this will provide you with a financial shield in case, any accident happens involving a customer. In case a customer sues you, the insurance will serve as protection. To know more about Barber courses, you can contact to BIBA Academy.

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