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Thanks to the many campaigns and awareness projects, it will not be wrong to say the cigarette use has gone down a bit in the last few years, but the fact remains that you are sure to see cigarette butts and the effects of smoking waste all around you. It doesn’t matter if you are in a small town, in a big city or even on the beachside, this waste is sure to be everywhere gripping the environment and people everywhere in its strong arms. It is rather saddening and unfortunate to see that despite so much being said and seen about the harmful impacts of cigarettes not just on personal health but also on those around them and majorly on the environment, people all over the world continue with this bad habit.

Did you know that about 4.5 trillion cigarettes are littered everywhere? Have you ever considered what it is doing to the environment? Clearly not! Let’s have a quick look.
– Toxins in the cigarette butts – did you now that one cigarette butt is enough to make approximately two gallons of water lethal to water fleas. When one cigarette alone is capable of ceratin destruction can you even imagine what work must those millions of cigarettes be doing every day?
– The danger caused by fire – it is true that a lot of fires are a result of droughts, lightings etc, but did you know that there have been known to be major fire breakouts and burning of jungles by the careless gesture of smokers. By not putting out their matches and just throwing them if in the bushes, there have bee reports of cases that have resulted in major destruction of not just property but the environment as well.
– Hazardous to the environment – used cigarettes are exeterly unhealthy just not in terms of the damage they are causing to not just the person who smokes but also those wrong them but also very bad for the environment. These substances that are full of toxins, when coming in contact with the grounds or waterways, can be a key factor in bringing complete destruction to not just the land but the water organisms as well. All cigarettes have nicotine in them, which in many places is still used as a pesticide and has its share of many adverse effects on the environment.

There is just no denying the fact that anybody who smokes is well aware of the many recuperation this habit has, but despite that, if they still want to continue smoking then it’s very important that thy themselves keep a check on the guidelines and adopt all the necessary measures that can if not completely eliminate then at last cut down on the many damages to the environment.

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