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Renewable energy is the key to our future and the best source is the sun. Solar panel systems on your rooftop can help harness the energy of the sun to light up your house. One of the key requirements in the solar panel system is the solar inverter. This is a device that converts solar energy into AC or alternating current need to run electrical devices in your home.

When you are setting up a solar panel system, you would want to get the best solar inverter. If you were wondering how to pick the best solar inverter, then our blog will be helpful. We have guidelines to help you decide the best solar inverter.

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Types of solar inverters 

Before talking about picking the best solar inverter, it is important to understand the types of solar inverters to help you decide which to choose.

There are three types of solar inverters, the classification done based on its function.

  • String inverter: This type of inverter would be required when the solar panel cells are connected in series.
  • Central inverter: This inverter is used when multiple solar panels are connected in many series.
  • Micro-inverter: This is a small inverter used with a single solar panel.

As can be seen, the type of solar panel you have determined the type of inverter.

Solar inverters can also be classified as:

  1. Standalone inverter: This inverter is not connected to the solar panel but is connected to the battery charged by the solar panel. You need this inverter in places where there is no electricity supply.
  2. Battery backup inverter: These inverters store energy from the solar panels in a battery and then convert it into current. They can be connected to the local grid.

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Choosing an inverter

 Apart from the type of inverter, other criteria that you can use to pick the best solar inverter are:

  • You can consider the brand of the inverter. Top brands are expensive but are reliable and offer innovative features. Spending a little more money is worth it to get a quality product that works well without problems.
  • Check the approved products list maintained by the Australian Clean Energy Council on their website. If the inverter is not listed, then you will not get a subsidy and it may not make sense to buy such an inverter.
  • Do some research on the market price of inverters based on your need before you buy. Do not look for the cheapest inverter. You need an inverter that would last at least 15 years. Cheap inverters may not be durable; they could also give you problems.
  • Check if the solar inverter is weather-proof and is suitable for your locality.
  • Get an inverter that has a clear display that gives you information on energy generated and electricity produced.
  • Most solar inverters offer warranties for anywhere from 5 to 12 years. So, look for one that gives you the best warranty terms. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on repairs, so you need an extended warranty period
  • Look for an inverter that is expandable if you plan to increase the panels at a later stage.
  • Check out reviews of the inverter online to get an idea of how good the company is. You can find out how good they are in attending to your need on time. Look for feedback on the durability of the inverter and its performance.

The above guidelines would have helped you decide the best inverter for your solar panel system. You can use this as a guide while buying a solar inverter.


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